Sunday, April 17, 2011

a keg, some hipsters, and a turtle piñata

Sure it was sad to see this little guy get smashed to pieces, but it was definitely funny. As we stood on the dark steps of the neighbors stairwell overlooking the massacre, we had an enlightening conversation with our friend, Andreas. We talked about how morbid this whole piñata business can be at times. People tend to choose piñatas that represent objects or characters that they love. Think of this: a large group of young children who for the most part all love Mickey Mouse, smashing the hell out of a Mickey Mouse piñata. You see, they love little Mickey, but they really want the candy inside of his belly. Poor guy, his life sold for thirty pieces of chocolate. Thats some sick shit.

Anyway, someone would do well selling effigy style piñatas. You know, like a George Bush piñata hanging in someones backyard with drunk people swinging blunt objects at it. Classic.   


  1. I love the style of your photos! Is there a place where I can hear your music? Do you have any Youtube videos?

  2. Thanks! You can listen to our music by typing our band name in the facebook search box. We are The Subterranean Underground. When you get to the band page, click "My Band" on the left.