Sunday, August 28, 2011

D.I.Y or Die

 We felt a calming sense of accomplishment when these boxes arrived.

 All of our efforts pressed into a tangible form.

 We won't argue that being signed to a large label has its perks, but knowing that we are a hundred percent responsible for this album is mighty hip.

 1) Record. 2) Master. 3) Press vinyl. 4) Sell. 5) Ship. 6) Have a couple dozen glasses of beer.

 Now we have our record in a downtown Portland shop and soon we will have copies in a downtown Flagstaff shop.

 Most of our record sales are online. We are selling them on our website and our etsy.

 100% of the record sales will be invested into our next album. Right now we are recording some tracks with the help of an 80s casio keyboard, auto-harp, xylophone, and what ever else falls into our hands.

Check out our Yard Sale album and let us know what you think!