Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuck Shop

Since we were in Phoenix, we stopped at the Tuck Shop for Vovo's special (penne pasta with seasonal veggies, spinach, tomatoes and shrimp in a white wine butter sauce. I know, right?) What can I say, John knows his business and he for sure knows how to make a gin and tonic. I can venture a guess that most of the success to his version of this highball cocktail is a result of using the best of ingredients. I am especially referring to his hand crafted tonic water, John's Premium Tonic Syrup. We continued our meal with a few shrimp po' boys and finished with an apple bar and tea. I will say we were feeling a bit nostalgic for the savory cupcakes that were once on the menu, but we understand that sometimes good things must come to an end (making way for other good things of course.) 

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